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Why Are All Farmers Punished For Triffid?

Some 15 years ago a new GM flax, Triffid, was introduced to the Canadian farmer. The European market rejected this flax, so it was pulled from the market some 10 years ago. Then during the summer of 2009, remnants of this flax were discovered in off-shore deliveries. The result: A shutdown of flax sales accompanied by a drop in sale prices. Why would it be so difficult to trace the route this flax took? Why are all the farmers punished?

As a result, all flax must be certified at a rate of $105 plus GST for each batch of 5,000 bushels. I sent my sample at the beginning of January and still have no results (as of mid February.) My flax could be damp, may require cleaning, but I have no funds to perform the necessary functions. And we were worried because the Wheat Board used to hold back some money!

How long is it going to be before the same restrictions that are in place for Roundup Ready canola are in place for every crop we grow?

Emmanuel Oystruck Yorkton, Sask.



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