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Watch For Spray Chart

The hardest part about spraying is not actually applying the herbicides, but rather determining which products you should apply. There are now scores of herbicides on the market and literally hundreds of tank-mix combinations. Furthermore, each product and tank-mix combination controls a different spectrum of weeds. Even more important, the application of the wrong herbicide or tank mix combination may not only fail to provide the weed control you require, but can even damage or kill your crop. Selection of the right herbicide(s) is critical.

Grainews and Dow Agro-Sciences have teamed up to make your herbicide selection a lot easier. In the April 19 edition of Grainews you will find an easy to use wall chart that summarizes registered herbicides in Western Canada featured in the 2010 Guide to Crop Protection, the chemical group each belongs to, the crops each can be used in and the major weeds each control.

Hanging this chart in your farm office or chemical storage area will enable you to very quickly determine which herbicide or herbicide combinations are the best fit to control the weeds in your crop.



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