Versatile’s 4WD line

With all Versatile tractors adopting new family styling, the 4WD series now sports a look matching that of their big brothers in the high-horsepower tractor (HHT) line. Along with their new look the four models in this group offer 305, 340, 375 and 400 horsepower, plus the advantages of new and improved design.

Underneath that new appearance, Versatile has kept to a 40-year tradition by choosing to power the four workhorses with Cummins QSX-11 engines. These 11-litre diesels offer some impressive performance characteristics. They can power the tractors through tough spots or lug up steep hills without the need to lift tillage implements and reduce draft requirements. This ensures consistent results in the field. The QSX-11 has a 35 per cent torque rise at 1,400 rpm and a seven per cent power bulge at 1,800 rpm, providing extra power exactly when needed.

These Tier III-compliant engines are also compatible with B20 biodiesel, putting them squarely in support of the biofuel industry. But whatever the fuel source, the turbocharged QSX-11 drinks relatively little for the power it produces. That helps keep fuel costs in check.

To further limit fuel consumption, engineers designed the new hood to incorporate a larger grille area. This lowers the velocity of air flowing past the radiator, so the engine fan doesn’t need to work as hard. That in turn minimizes the horsepower drain on the engine,

leaving more power available to go where it was designed to: the drawbar.

To deliver power in a way that exactly matches the needs of individual operators, Versatile offers two transmission choices: a 12 X 2 power shift or the classic Versatile 12 X 4 manual.

The durable Versatile-designed manual transmission has proven popular because of its rugged reliability. In the critical three-to eight m.p.h. range, this transmission offers several gear options to suit any farming application. Shifting is fully synchronized and smooth as silk between gears in any of the three ranges.

But if you want the extra performance of a power shift, the 12 X 2 provides 12 forward and two reverse speeds. You can count on smooth and reliable shifting from the transmission’s dependable electronic control. Combine that with a straight-line shift pattern in the cab and these tractors are a real treat to operate. With this option, adapting to changing field conditions is a snap.

As well, the 4WD tractors save time getting from one field to another. Their transmission

options allow for a maximum 35 km/h (22 m. p. h.) road speed.

The chassis wasn’t overlooked during the update, either. A new, heavier frame includes a larger pivot bearing and a durable 60-mm pivot pin for long life. A unique, centre-mounted, dual fuel-tank design allows refuelling from either side of the tractor. And as fuel is burned during the workday, the level drops equally in both tanks, maintaining exact front-rear balance and therefore proper ballasting and efficient tractor performance.

These tractors also offer impressive hydraulic capacity—enough to keep up easily to most implement demands with a standard 190 LPM flow rate. Four SCVs are standard, and that can be upgraded to six. Versatile has even gone an extra step in making the hydraulic system simpler to operate. Each control lever is colour-coded to the remote valve connectors on the rear of the tractor,

simplifying hook-ups when using multiple hydraulic circuits.

Operators will especially appreciate the cab on all four models. This home away from home is a comfortable place to spend a workday. And it is available in a standard or deluxe version.

All ease-of-service features pioneered on the HHT line have been carried over to the 4WD models. Easy service and intelligent design have always been hallmarks of the Versatile brand and these tractors are no exception.

Ensuring versatility in all Versatile tractors, the company has included a comprehensive list of standard features on the 4WD models. After all, making its machines “versatile” was how the company originally got its name. And today, the 4WD line lives right up to that standard. These 305-to 400-horsepower machines are just as capable of performing as a main field tractor as they are of taxiing a grain cart around at harvest. Just name the job and the Versatile 4WD tractors are equipped for it.

Born and bred on the Prairies, and built in the heart of Manitoba, the Versatile line of 4WD tractors is a natural fit for Prairie producers. It should be no surprise to anyone that the forerunners of these machines were designed specifically for Prairie grain farms; and that dependable, practical engineering has been part of the Versatile tractor DNA since 1966.



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