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Two Clubroot Resistant Canola Hybrids For 2010

Alberta growers who have clubroot disease in their fields may have two new clubroot-resistant canola varieties to choose from in 2010. Pioneer Hi-Bred’s clubrootresistant canola hybrid, 45H29, was on the new canola list in the October 5 Grainews. That one is available for sure. You can see by the table, which was on display at a Pioneer Hi-Bred plot tour, how 45H29 compares to another leading Pioneer H-Bred canola hybrid.

The second, from Monsanto, is pending registration. The new clubroot resistant hybrid will be incorporated into the company’s high-yielding, Dekalb 73-series canola hybrids. Commercial seed could be ready for seeding in 2010 pending a favourable ruling from the Western Canadian Canola/Rapeseed Recommending Committee (WCC/RRC) and successful off-season production of enough seed supply, the company says.

Monsanto also reminds growers that clubroot-resistant varieties are just part of the solution to addressing the issue and preventing the spread of the disease. “The canola seed industry, government, and academics have worked cooperatively to develop stewardship recommendations for growers that include: extending rotations between canola crops to four or more years; ensuring proper cleaning of equipment to restrict movement of soil borne pathogen; using direct seeding and other soil conservation practices to reduce erosion; scouting fields regularly; avoiding the use of straw, hay or green feed, silage and manure from infested or suspicious areas; and avoiding the use of common, untreated seed, including canola, cereals and pulses.”



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