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Triton C Registered For Use On All Feed And Malt Barley.

DuPont Triton C herbicide is now registered for all barley varieties, providing farmers wide-spectrum broadleaf weed control to help them produce high-quality feed barley or earn premiums for higher-value malt barley.

Triton C controls a unique spectrum of weeds, including 24 different broadleaf weeds. It’s well known among farmers for control of cleavers as well as growing threats such as stork’s-bill, sow-thistle, narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard and round-leaved mallow. It can be used with a number of different grass partners without compromising wild oat control.

Triton C is strong on cleavers (including Group 2-resistant biotypes) because it attacks the weed with two herbicide groups (Group 2 and Group 4). For more information about Triton C or any other DuPont product, contact your local crop protection retailer or DuPont Canada representative, call 1-800-667- 3925 or visit the Web site

As with all herbicides, please read and follow label instructions carefully.



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