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Tips For Turning Bins With A Grain Vac

Richard Elenko, who farms north of Biggar, Sask., phoned to correct a point Jay Whetter made in his cover article on grain vacs in the January 25 issue. Jay wrote that you could use a grain vac to condition a bin of canola, sucking from the bottom and putting grain back on top of the same bin. Elenko says that will turn over the core of the bin, but it won’t condition grain along the sides. He says the physics of grain bin unloading is that the top grain comes out first. Within minutes, you’ll be cycling the same grain over and over again.

Elenko confirmed this again last fall. He put 300 bushels of just-dried canola into the top of a 4,000-bushel bin, then asked his hired man to take out a load to see if the rest of the bin was conditioned and in good shape. “Within five minutes, the canola coming out the bottom was the warm stuff that we’d just put in the top,” Elenko says.

He says the grain vac is a great tool for conditioning canola, but the best plan is to take from one bin and put the grain into a separate bin.

Thank you very much for the call Richard. If you have more tips on the topic of grain vacs, please contact the new Grainews editor, Lyndsey Smith. Her email is [email protected]and her phone number is 306-731-3637.



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