The gift of life

Wayne and Connie Burleson were honoured to present Pastor Alex Govati, his wife Eneles and son Kingston from Blantyre, Malawi, Africa with the seeds from a fantastic life giving heirloom plant — Salmon River Pumpkins. It’s a very fast growing squash that loves hot weather and is a good keeper, cooks easily in its own shell and tastes better than sweet potato. This fast growing plant has the potential to feed and improve the nutritional level of millions of people in need.

They also gave them detailed instructions on how to build a Square Meter Garden. The Burleson’s (Wayne is a regular Grainews contributor) have a vision of hundreds of Malawian building small, easy to care for, raised boxes, built above ground on top of their native soils, filled with homemade compost along with a square meter grid system designed by Mel Bartholomew the inventor of the Square Foot Gardening method. These small kitchen gardens have the potential to grow over 100 pounds of needed food in one square meter.

Stay tuned for the rest of the story, as the Burleson’s follow what happens when the Malawians return home. Pastor Alex’s family now has a simple booklet — an illustrated guide on how to make homegrown compost — the best known soils to grow healthy food, fast, with little water, no digging, no fertilizer, and no mud. This method eliminates aggressive weeding which is the main cause that discourages most people from growing their own food.

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