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Take FCC’s Online Safety Quiz

Farmers who responded to a recent online survey from Farm Credit Canada strongly supported the concept of safety precautions for themselves, their families and their employees. But fewer than 15 per cent of those same farmers had developed a safety statement or a plan to put that commitment into practice.

Maybe it’s because most farmers think safety is just a matter of common sense or maybe they believe it’s something to think about when there’s more time. Whatever. It’s probably safe to assume that the more you know about your safety risks, the easier it is to build a safety plan that helps avoid them.

That’s why Farm Credit Canada came up with a quiz that fills you in on the whys and gets you started on the hows of planning your safe farm. Before you check out the quiz, here’s a sample of the answers. The questions are scrambled below.


False: Data from the Canadian Agricultural Injury Reporting program (CAIR) indicates that tractor rollovers cause one in five work-related farm fatalities. While rollovers are the No. 1 farm-related killer, its low injury rating indicates that few people survive a rollover incident.

True. The 12-year study determined there was significant variation in the cost for each of these injury types. The cost for premature death was greatest at $274,573, followed by a permanent disability injury at $142,553. The cost per hospitalized occurrence was $10,144 and $695 per non-hospitalized incident. The study calculated direct costs, including hospital care, physician services, drugs and rehabilitation, as well as indirect costs such as loss of productivity and costs associated with living with a permanent disability as a result of injury.

False. Rollover fatalities are preventable. Rollover protective structures (ROPS) are commercially available as retrofits for virtually every tractor manufactured. And having ROPS and wearing your seatbelt is the best protection against tractor rollover fatalities.


Here are the questions to go with the answers above. Can you match them up?

True or False? Rollover protective structures (ROPS) and wearing a seatbelt can prevent 99 per cent of fatalities from tractor rollovers. Unfortunately, not all tractors can be retrofitted with ROPS.

True or False? It is estimated that for every dollar of insured costs there will be five dollars of uninsured costs for farm-related injuries.

True or False? Tractor rollovers cause one in 10 work-related farm fatalities.

Now that you’re primed, try the whole quiz. Go to www.fccresearch.comand enter this survey access code: 6E1B163845D75577. Complete the fun and functional online quiz and enter to win an FCC safety kit.

Thanks to the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association for providing this farm safety tip.



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