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Syngenta Offers Its First Wheat Variety

The first Syngenta-branded wheat in the world will be launched in Western Canada in 2010. The CWRS variety, WR859 CL, will be available exclusively through Richardson International.

When Syngenta bought Garst in 2004, AgriPro Coker, the wheat-breeding division, came with it. We already have AgriPro varieties in Western Canada. Proven Seed’s 5600 Series are from AgriPro. But WR859 CL is the first variety under the Syngenta brand.

“Syngenta does not have a canola seed business, so for us in Western Canada, cereals are core,” says Jay Bradshaw, president of Syngenta Canada. Syngenta already has a strong presence in global cereals breeding, not only with AgriPro in the U. S. but also a hybrid winter barley program in the U. K. Syngenta aims to build an integrated offer for cereals in Western Canada, with seed and crop protection, including its herbicides Horizon, Axial and Broadband. WR859 CL is Clearfield, so growers also have the option to use Clearfield herbicides to control off-types and volunteer barley.

WR859 CL is an awned variety with “high yield potential” and very good resistance to leaf rust, stem rust, common bunt and loose smut, the company says. It also has decent tolerance to fusarium head blight. Seed availability is limited for 2010. Contact your nearest Richardson Ag Business Centre for more information.



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