SSCA e-magazine makes Prairie research more “accessible”

The Saskatchewan Soil Conservation Association (SSCA) has launched a new on-line, subscription-based magazine called “Prairie Soils and Crops: Scientific Perspectives from Innovative Management.” Edited by longtime Agriculture Canada researchers Guy Lafond at Indian Head and Neil Harker at Lacombe, the magazine, although geared to researchers, is available to anyone involved in agriculture. The editors will invite experts to write articles related to soil and crops that provide “an unbiased scientific opinion.”

“Producers are inundated on a daily basis with information on a wide range of topics and often this information is contradictory,” say the editors. “This, in turn, makes decision-making more difficult for producers since additional effort is required to separate good information from bad.”

Articles for the newsletter will be “referenced with the most pertinent scientific papers to allow the reader the opportunity to learn more about the topic. The articles are concise and the style of writing non-scientific and popular in nature…. Ultimately, we want to make world-class agricultural research on the Canadian Prairies more accessible to everyone.”

The first issue, which focuses on agriculture and its impact on the environment was available free on-line at,but a subscription fee will be charged in order to view future issues. —Lee Hart



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