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Savvy Farmer Compares Treatment Options, Rebates

Developed specifically for farmers, Savvy Farmer is a web-based information warehouse created to help farmers save money on pest control. Its database includes every registered treatment for every agricultural crop grown in Canada (over three million treatments in total). The creators of Savvy Farmer have a deep understanding the pesticide industry and want to use that knowledge to help farmers save money and make better pest control decisions.

New federal legislation makes it easier and less costly to register generic pest control products. As a result, many new companies are entering the Canadian market and have registered literally hundreds of generic alternatives. The major chemical companies are responding by offering very lucrative bundles and rebates, lower cost co-packs, and some have even started reducing the prices on their own brand-name products. The online database is available through an annual subscription and because it is web-based, the information in Savvy Farmer is updated every day. Savvy Farmer includes several powerful search tools that can help farmers find exactly what they are looking for. Using these tools, farmers can quickly identify all generic and private label brands, grower programs, and prices for virtually any product. Users can also generate highly customized treatments by applying the software’s Advanced Filters to identify treatments with specific pre-harvest intervals, modes of action and residual activity, to name just a few.

Savvy Farmer is also a complete pest control information warehouse where growers can find labels, MSDS sheets, safety information, and a library of over 1,000 weed, insect and disease identification photos.




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