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Reports from Denmark

Brenda Campbell is about to embark on “an adventure of a lifetime,” as she calls it. The 22 year old from a cow-calf farm near Sundre, Alta., leaves this month for a six-month stay on a dairy farm in Denmark. She will send Grainews regular updates by email about the farm, what she sees, and what she learns.

Brenda writes, “Growing up I have always had the desire to travel. As a teenager I came across a brochure for travel with an agriculture flare through Agriventure. (Editor’s note: For more, visit the website at was exactly what I had in mind for my travel aspirations! For the next few years I kept referencing this brochure to remind myself that this was what I was going to do someday.

“I chose “someday” to be after I completed my university degree in agriculture because I had some education behind me, I had some life experience, maturity, and I knew how to live on my own. I am really happy I made this choice as I start to prepare for my November 11 departure feeling about 90 per cent excited, and only 10 per cvent nervous.

“As I started to plan for my trip, I came across a scholarship opportunity that is sponsored by the Agriventure Canada board. This scholarship pays up to 80 per cent of your travel fees. Much to my surprise and excitement, I was awarded this scholarship in April. This Agriventure award has been a true gift which I am very grateful for.

“I found the scholarship application on the 4-H website. Being a member of 4-H was an asset but not a necessity for this award. “Agriventure has made this entire process a breeze. I have been included in every step of the process, but without the stress of having to find a host family, flights, etc. I honestly couldn’t ask for better service and I plan on recommending Agriventure to anyone that is interested.

“I am really looking forward to living in Denmark. My host family has 60 Holsteins, five working horses (as a hobby), and four kids (aged 14 to 22).”



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