PHOTOCONTEST – for Oct. 4, 2010

Christine Mialkowski from near Stonewall, Man., sent us this picture of barn swallows nesting on their garage. She says, “My husband (Ted) had built a perch in the peak of the garage roof to entice the barn swallows to nest, to help with the mosquito population, and one pair settled in. Once the four chicks began to fly they would rest on the deer antlers on either side of the garage door. (The four chicks) had been feeding for a while and every time food came close they made an excited racket and so I knew when to be ready with my camera. It was a lucky shot and I was surprised to see the fly; I was hoping to see a mosquito or two!” Thanks, Christine for the picture. There’s a cheque for $25 on its way to you for your trouble. Perhaps buy some mosquito spray, as I don’t know if the swallows are doing enough in that department.

We welcome your photos. But before you send one, make sure the focus is crisp and, if it’s a photo of people, we want to see the whites of their eyes. In a four by six-inch print, faces should be at least the size of a quarter. Emailed digital photos with medium to high resolution work best. Scans of prints are rarely good enough to reprint. If we use your photo, we’ll send you $25. — Lyndsey



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