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Photocontest – for Jan. 10, 2011

Little Miss Hailee Beckie, aged two, offers some carrots to a 2.5-month old foal. The filly, originally Lady Di by Hailee’s great-grandpa, was called “Little guy” by Hailee. Close enough! This photo was taken by Hailee’s mum AshLeigh Beckie at the Beckie farm outside of Bladworth Sask. There’s a $25 cheque in the mail for sending this in, AshLeigh.

We welcome your photos. But before you send one, make sure the focus is crisp and, if it’s a photo of people, we want to see the whites of their eyes. In a 4×6-incha print, faces should be at least the size of a quarter. Emailed digital photos with medium to high resolution work best. Scans of prints are rarely good enough to reprint. If we use your photo, we’ll send you $25.

— Lyndsey



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