Our Own Version Of Green Fields

Rob Ward, interv i ewe d on this page, has been to Sunterra Market in Alberta. He says they are a similar concept to his Green Fields store in the U. K.

Sunterrra Farms and Sunterra Markets, which are owned by the Price family of Acme, Alta., a small community just north of Calgary, have been part of a diversified farming and meat processing operation for the past 40 years. They family business, established by Stan and Flo Price, and today managed by sons Dave, Doug and Art and their families, launched the retail side, Sunterra Markets, in 1990.

The farming operations include the production of beef, hogs, poultry and lamb, along with about 3,600 acres of cropland. The company also owns its own meat processing plants.

Today, there are seven Sunterra Market outlets in Calgary and Edmonton with two new locations in Calgary expected to be open in 2009. The markets, which are nicely decorated and trendy with a slight upscale feel, range in size from about 3,000 to 20,000 square feet. The markets also offer a full line catering service.

The smaller markets, such as the one located in the downtown business district of Bankers Hall in Calgary, carries fresh meat, cheeses, deli foods, and prepared meals and a limited line of other food products, while the larger urban stores like West Market Square in Calgary or Marketplace Lendrum in Edmonton are complete full line grocery stores, that include small cafes located near the deli counter.

The retail stores focus on carrying fresh Alberta and Canadian made products as available, along with a full line of fresh conventionally grown and organic produce from around the world. The grocery aisles carry a full line of conventional foods and household items as well as specialty items. It is a store where consumers could definitely complete all their weekly grocery shopping.

The stores have a wide selection of domestic and imported cheeses, small fish market, in-store bakery, an extensive deli and, of course an excellent fresh meat department that features beef, lamb, pork and poultry products produced by Sunterra Farms, as well as products from other meat suppliers. — Lee Hart



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