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One Smart Cow

Maybe I should rethink that headline, is this one smart cow, or one dumb cow? Regardless, Grainewsmachinery editor Scott Garvey of Saskatchewan sent this photo of one his Texas Longhorns, who may be one magical cow for recently getting inside this bale feeder. Personally I would have trouble crawling in there myself, so I have to wonder how this cow with a five to six foot horned head span made it in. All I can think is that Scott must feed some amazingly tasty hay for this cow to make the effort.

This photo got me thinking, if you have any amazing or stupid livestock pictures, email or mail them along to Cattleman’s Corner (contact information appears on the right hand side of the page under the cartoon). If no one wants the $1 million fencing tip prize money, you might get that, but if you send me your address you’ll get aGrainews cap for sure.



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