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Off To The Land Of The Kiwis

I am Allana Minchau from a cow-calf ranch in Alberta. I am 21 and just received my communication-public relations degree in July. Before entering the work force, I’m off to New Zealand and Australia for a year to further explore my agricultural roots. I will share my adventures and experiences with you in Grainews.

The International Agriculture Exchange Association (IAEA) and its Agriventure program arranged the trip for me. I have arrived at my first destination, a dairy farm in Culverden, New Zealand that milks 950 head. Beyond assisting friends a few times on their dairies, my experience is limited, therefore I will be learning the New Zealand milking ways along with the New Zealand slang! I will not be in Australia until April 2010 and have yet to hear where or what type of farm I will be placed on.

I look forward to keeping you posted on my experiences in New Zealand and Australia! Ciao for now!



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