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New Product Registered Against FHB

Bayer CropScience recently announced the registration of Prosaro, a new protective and curative fungicide, for Western Canada. Prosaro suppresses fusarium head blight and offers broad spectrum of activity for leaf and head disease in wheat and barley. The product includes a surfactant to stick to the plant leaf, and includes two active ingredients — tebuconazole and prothioconazole — providing both curative and protective activity. Tebuconazole enters and translocates through the plant, providing quick action and taking care of infections that have already occurred. Prothioconazole, the second active ingredient, is slower to translocate through the plant but has longer activity, protecting against future infections. As with any product, early detection of disease and application of product provides the best results.

Prosaro will be available for the 2011 growing season from participating Bayer CropScience retailers across Western Canada.



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