New nitrogen stabilizer available in Canada

Anvol offers long-lasting protection from ammonia volatilization

New nitrogen stabilizer available in Canada

Anvol, a new, patented, nitrogen stabilizer developed by Koch Agronomic Services, is now available in Canada. The product, which can be used with urea or UAN (urea ammonium nitrate) fertilizers, offers extended volatilization protection through a novel active ingredient called Duromide. The active ingredient was designed to provide longer-lasting protection from ammonia volatilization beyond the window offered by NBPT (a common nitrogen stabilizer for urea/UAN fertilizers).

Anvol offers dual active ingredients — Duromide and NBPT. These two active ingredients work together to control the gaseous loss of nitrogen longer, optimizing the amount of fertilizer incorporation into the soil. Additionally, Duromide’s increased stability provides Anvol with the ability to perform more consistently across a wider range of soil environments with varying pH levels, according to Koch.

Why it matters: Anvol offers extended ammonia volatilization protection through a novel active ingredient called Duromide, which optimizes the amount of fertilizer incorporated into the soil.

“Anvol offers the longest-available protection against ammonia volatilization losses compared to NBPT alone. That extra time can make a big difference to growers, minimizing above-ground nitrogen loss when the rainfall we need doesn’t arrive soon enough. I believe growers are going to like the improved yield potential they get with Anvol,” says Rigas Karamanos, Koch senior agronomist and soil fertility expert.

Ammonia volatilization

Ammonia volatilization is the result of urease enzymes in the soil breaking down urea molecules into ammonia gas, which is a process called hydrolysis. In this form, nitrogen can be easily lost to the atmosphere. According to Koch, with the use of Anvol, less nitrogen is lost to volatilization and more of farmers’ fertilizer investments are available for plant uptake, resulting in a better return on investment and minimized environmental impact.

Rigas Karamanos. photo: Supplied

“Protecting applied nitrogen with a stabilizer is key to increasing nutrient loss efficiency. Duromide slows the hydrolysis of urea, allowing more time for fertilizer to be incorporated in order to increase yield potential. And by utilizing the science-based best management practices outlined in the 4R nutrient stewardship framework, growers will maximize their economic benefits and support a more sustainable environment,” says Karamanos.

Other benefits reported by Koch are the high active ingredient concentration of Anvol means a lower application rate is required for more efficient coating operations and an overall reduced demand on labour.

Study results

When the nitrogen in urea and UAN is left unprotected, it can be lost through ammonia volatilization. In a 2019 study in Michigan, UAN treated with Anvol yielded 27 more bushels per acre of corn than untreated UAN. According to Koch, the yield increase is due to the increased window of inhibition — up to 27 per cent — compared with the use of NBPT alone.

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