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New flax seed varieties for 2015

Seed companies offering one new flax variety; two varieties from last year are seeing a wider release

flax seed

Flax growers have one new flax variety to consider this year, plus two others that are seeing a wider release.

The seed’s not in the bin yet, but in August Statistics Canada was putting flax production at just over 908,000 tonnes this year. That’s a fair gain over 2013’s 712,000-tonne harvest, as reported by Dave Sims at CNS Canada.

This gain likely won’t come as a surprise to farmers who tried to source flaxseed at the last minute last spring. As Allan Dawson reported in the Manitoba Co­-operator, many flax dealers ran right out of seed.


Westlin 72

New flax variety from the CPS breeding program. Offers exceptional yield performance and yield stability, and good disease resistance and oil profile. Available at all CPS retail locations.


SeCan launched CDC Sanctuary and Glas on a limited basis in 2014, so we’re including them again this year.

CDC Sanctuary

Combines the yield potential of CDC Bethune with the oil quality of Flanders.Yields 105 per cent of CDC Bethune in the brown soil zones. It could replace CDC Bethune in these areas. Not as tolerant to lodging as CDC Bethune. MR to fusarium wilt, immune to rust. Available as reconstituted seed.

CDC Glas

A medium-maturing high-yielding oilseed flax – it outyielded CDC Bethune in all zones, with an overall average of 103 per cent. Better lodging resistance than CDC Bethune. Matures 0.5 days later than CDC Bethune. Slightly taller than CDC Bethune. MR to fusarium wilt. Immune to rust. Available as reconstituted seed.

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