New Farmer-Centric Social Network Launched

FarmerNation has announced the launch of its new

website experience devoted entirely to meet the needs of North American farmers. “FarmerNation is a web-based social experience designed to connect farmers from all over North America. Users of FarmerNation will be able to connect and have public discussions or private conversations with farmers who live just down the road, or across the country. Farmers will be able to participate in farmer-focused forums, buy and sell equipment and give advice on how to get the best performance out of any agricultural product. Farmers can access FarmerNation from their home computer or smartphone which gives them the ability to interact from almost anywhere, even from the cab of their tractor.

According to those who designed FarmerNation, the vision is to enable a canola farmer in Melfort, Sask., to have a meaningful conversation with a cotton farmer in Augusta, Arkansas, or connect a marketing group of 50 corn growers in Iowa, and allow them to meet online once a week to discuss everything from futures contracts to herbicide resistance.

Raised in a farming family, and graduating with a degree in agriculture from the University of Saskatchewan, FarmerNation co-founder Dale Kobelsky believes FarmerNation is much needed within the farming community. “Adoption of existing consumer-based websites such as some of the popular social media sites has been slower among farmers because they simply don’t have the time to filter out the irrelevant content. FarmerNation will eliminate this filtering step, because almost the entire website will be made up of farmer-generated content. ” For more information visit



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