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New 2,4-D-Tolerant Corn And Soy On The Way

A new 2,4-D-and glyphosate- tolerant crop trait system that’s expected to be available in 2013 for U.S. growers is expected to be launched in Canada “in the next few years.”

Seed and ag chem firm Dow AgroSciences recently announced “pending” U.S. regulatory approvals for the components of what it’s dubbed the Enlist Weed Control System, starting with corn varieties.

The company bills Enlist as a “new herbicide-tolerant trait system that will provide robust tolerance to an innovative 2,4-D product, in addition to glyphosate.”

The system’s commercial launch in the U.S. is “anticipated in corn for the 2013 crop year with other crops to follow,” Dow AgroSciences says.

The company’s Canadian arm in Calgary says it anticipates bringing the system to Canadian corn and soybean growers “as soon as we receive regulatory approvals for Canada,” spokesperson Brian de Kock said in an email. “We expect to launch this technology in Canada in the next few years.”

The Enlist system “will enable broad-spectrum control against tough weeds and a wide window for over-the-top application that aligns with the current glyphosate window,” the Indianapolis company said in its release.

The system “will partner with and improve upon the glyphosatetolerant cropping system,” the company said, referring to Monsanto’s Roundup Ready trait systems.

Enlist germplasm will be stacked with a glyphosate-tolerant trait as well as insect-resistant traits, Palmer said.



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