Never Start Equipment From The Ground – for Sep. 6, 2010

Starting equipment from the ground can lead to a machine rolling or lurching forward, injuring those around it. In order to prevent this from happening follow these prevention measures:

1) Only start equipment from the operator’s seat. 2) Prior to starting or moving a piece of equipment, the operator should walk around the equipment to ensure there are no objects or people underneath or nearby.

3) Ensure everyone involved in work is trained, aware of any hazards that may be associated with the work and follows safe work procedures.

4) Have the equipment properly serviced to prevent the need of alternate starting methods.

5) If there are mechanical issues that require an alternate emergency starting procedure:

ensure that the transmission or drive system is disengaged and the brakes or park brake is set

disable all drives so that no operating components start-up upon engine start

have another person at the operator’s controls to shut down/take control of the equipment if there is a malfunction.




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