More generics on the way

Over the past year and a half, Health Canada has implemented a faster system for registering generic pesticides. The system is more like the U. S. model for approving generic versions of off-patent or “mature” crop protection products.

“The primary goal of this new policy is to encourage innovation by providing fair protection of the proprietary interests in data, while ensuring a predictable and timely process for the introduction of competing generic pesticides to the Canadian market,” says Stéphane Shank, media relations officer for Health Canada. “A number of generic manufacturers have indicated their support for the new policy and we expect it will result in a greater number of applications for the registration of generic pesticides.”

Darryl Matthews, general manager of Nufarm Canada, says these new rules will bring many new and unfamiliar entrants into the market. The products will be chemically identical to active ingredients already on the market, but you’ll be seeing new companies and new brands.



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