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Merry Christmas from Harvey Gjesdal

Harvey Gjesdal, a long-time Grainews writer from Birch Hills, Sask., wrote us a letter. Editor Jay Whetter put the

whole letter on his blog at is an


“…2008 has been a great year in the farming industry with good

moisture, no frost, good harvesting conditions and bins overflowing as we see many plastic bins around the country. Grains and oilseed prices have improved compared to past years but something drastic has happened to fertilizer prices. There are rumours that fertilizer prices could improve some before spring rolls around….

In a paragraph about his children, Harvey writes that “Lorna, our youngest daughter, has taken a great interest in our farming operation and has become very capable.”

Finally, he signs off with: “A very special Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all who I met during my years as a small contributor to Grainews.”



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