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On April 1, 2012, the Canadian Grain Commission celebrates its 100th anniversary. The employees of the Canadian Grain Commission join with me in thanking the hardworking staff at Grainews for producing this publication to commemorate a century of service.

To survive a century is quite an achievement. But our longevity is not what is noteworthy, as you will see as you read about our past. No, our true achievement is our role in the growth of the Canadian grain industry. For 100 years, we have collaborated with Canadian grain producers and other members of an industry that has shaped Canada’s society, economy and landscape.

The Canada Grain Act, which guides us in delivering our mandate, was passed by the Canadian government to meet the needs of grain producers. Through the Act, we work to establish and maintain standards of quality for Canada’s grain, regulate grain handling in Canada, and to ensure that Canada’s grain is a dependable commodity for domestic and export markets.

Grain producers still have rights that were initially granted to them under the Act in 1912. Producers can dispute the grade and dockage received at a licensed primary elevator and ask our inspectors to provide a binding decision. Producers are also guaranteed the right to ship their grain using producer cars. In 2011, producers loaded over 12,700 cars with grain, demonstrating how valuable a right this is to them. Finally, producers are still offered payment protection for deliveries to licensed primary elevators.

While we celebrate our past, we also look to the future. We are a vibrant organization, ready to take on new challenges. We draw strength from a proud past while we evolve to meet changing demands.

Along with the dedicated employees of the Canadian Grain Commission, I look forward to another century of collaboration with our stakeholders to assure to the continued success of Canada’s grain industry.

Elwin Hermanson

Chief Commissioner



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