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Love The U. K. Post Pounder

First I would like to thank Grainews and Country Guide for putting on such a great contest. Our trip to Germany was a wonderful experience. The Agritechnica show in Hannover was a real eye opener. We were told there were 70 acres under roof at the fairgrounds. It certainly was a massive show with very different equipment and methods.

One of my favourite products was not actually part of the show. It’s an invention from a fellow farmer from Great Britain who had won the same contest in his country. It’s a post pounder that mounts on your front-end loader, making it a one-man operation. It includes a rack that holds 30 to 40 posts. Once you loaded the posts, a hydraulic arm loaded a single post into the pounder with clamps that hold the post in place. Then you simply use your hydraulics on the tractor to pound it in. I just saw pictures on his camera. He said it worked well. I thought it was a great idea.

Another product that caught our eye was called the Brielmaier “Hillside Specialist” walk-behind mower. It was used to cut hay on steep hillsides. You walk behind it to cut hay and then once it dries there is a blade or rake that replaces the cutter bar and rolls it down the hill so it can be baled. My wife didn’t think to many Canadians would use it. To see for yourself, visit the site at

My co-inventor Ken Hudacek came with me. What caught his eye was a machine that we probably have in Canada, but we had never seen it before. It was a carrot picker. You went down the rows and it plucked them out of the ground. It was a neat machine.

We had a great time at the show and saw lots of different machinery some that would work in our part of the world and some that would not.

Duane Bartok, inventor of a reverser for pull-type haybines, is from Esterhazy, Sask.

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