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Jokes – for Nov. 9, 2009


Paige had a tough day at school. She got off the bus, went in the house and flopped herself down on the chesterfield. “Nobody loves me. The whole world hates me,” she wailed to her mother and brother.

Her brother, who had sat down to eat a snack and do his homework, looked at her and said, “That’s not true. Most people don’t even know you.”


— Why did God create economists? To make weathermen look good.


Mr. and Mrs. Wilson were worried about their young son. All their other children knew at an early age what they wanted to be. Two wanted to be farmers, and the other two had expressed early interest in engineering and teaching. But not young Ben. He hadn’t shown interest in anything.

The father decided to do a test. He put Ben in a room with a Bible, an apple and a dollar. “We’ll leave him for half an hour. We’ll know what he wants to be based on which item he picks up. If it’s the Bible, he’ll be a preacher. The apple means he’ll be a farmer. And the dollar means he’ll be a banker or accountant.”

After half an hour, they open the door and Ben’s sitting on the Bible, eating the apple. The silver dollar is in his pocket. “Oh, he’s going to be a politician,” Mrs. Wilson says.

From Clarence Worona, Beausejour, Man.



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