John Deere’s new 5D and 6D Series tractors are simple and economical to go head to head with low-cost imports from Asia

Grainews ad sales manager Cory Bourdeaud’hui was at a John Deere product launch in Sarasota, Florida in October. The launch was for utility tractors and yard tools, and not for field tools. But you have yards to maintain, and you do need these things. Cory listed five highlights and left it in my hands to dig up some useful information for you. So here goes:


Grainews did a feature article last January on the “Asian invasion” of tractors. John Deere has new 5D and 6D Series tractors to compete in this lower priced sector.

Models in the 5D Series range from 45 to 75 horsepower, with horsepower denoted in the model number. Model 5055D, for example, has 55 horsepower. Standard features on this model are open station, 2WD, 8F/4R synchronized transmission and one rear hydraulic remote. Base price is US$15,365.

The 5D Series is only offered with 2WD axle. To get mechanical-front-wheel-drive (MFWD), you have to move up to a 5E model, which starts at just over US$20,000 for Model 5045E. As John Deere says, these simple 5D and 5E tractors are “low on frills and price, but high on durability and performance.”

The 6D Series includes four models from 100 to 140 horsepower. The top three models have a 4.5-litre PowerTech E diesel engine with a high-pressure common rail (HPCR) injection system. The smallest in the series, Model 6100D, has a 4.5-litre PowerTech engine. The base transmission is a 9F/3R synchronized. A 9F/9R electro-hydraulic PowrReverser transmission is optional. With the PowrReverser, you set the range and gear, then use a left-hand lever to move the tractor forward or reverse without clutching.

The base 6D models have an open station and 2WD. Base price for Model 6100D is around US$38,000. With cab, MFWD, and PowrReverser transmission, the price rises to US$50,000. Other optional features include a two-function mechanical joystick for loader operation, and a “deluxe” hydraulic valve system with three remote valves (two is standard) and adjustable flow.


To go along with these economy tractors, John Deere has its large — and still expanding — line of economically-priced Frontier tools. The line includes just about everything you can tow behind a tractor, from landscaping tools, to mini crop production tools, to haying equipment.

New additions to the hay tools lineup include wheel and rotary rakes, bale spears, and bale processor. The BP1166 bale processor semi-mounts to a tractor’s three-point hitch for easy maneuverability. The self-loading processor lifts, chops and spreads round bales weighing up to 1,500 pounds.

As we head into winter, you may be interested in Frontier’s seven new hitch-mounted snow blowers. The SB13 Series blowers are compatible with 45-to 180-PTO horsepower tractors and have working widths from 88 to 104 inches.

Hydraulic drum rotation is standard equipment on the four largest models. With this feature, you can change where you discharge the snow without leaving your seat. Dual augers are an optional feature for faster snow removal.

Other features include bolt-on reversible cutting edges and adjustable skid shoes. For more on Frontier tools, see your nearest John Deere dealer.


If you only want the tractor running at 1,700 rpm, but you want the PTO going at its full 540 rpm, the Economy PTO feature lets you do that. The 540/540 Economy PTO is available on 5E “Limited” Series tractors.

“The 540 Economy is ideal for any PTO application, from running a mower conditioner to a baler or a cutter, where full PTO horsepower isn’t needed,” the company says. You save fuel, you get the PTO rpms you need for the job, and you have less noise and vibration.

In economy mode, the engine is actually limited to 1,700 rpm. That way you don’t accidentally rev the engine, causing PTO implements to overspeed and the PTO shaft to bind.

When you need full PTO power, you move the lever into normal PTO mode, and you set the engine speed at the rated 2,400 rpm.


You actually drive right over the deck of the new 60D and 72D

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