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Jake Working Overtime

was going west on the wrong side of the road he was forced to rope left-handed. Not easy with a right-hand-twist rope!

After four throws and misses the bull was wearing down and Jake caught him by the left front foot! Whilst moving into position he managed to tangle the rope in the Ranger’s front wheel which immediately jerked his slack and killed the engine!

Our cowboy stepped out bravely and started down the rope thinking he could do a Fred Whitfield Flank Job and save the day. The bull calf bawled and, thinking he could do the Pamplona reenactment, charged up the rope at Jake! Now Jake is a big guy, but 300 pounds of crossbred cowhide and cojones comin’ at you at the speed of beef made him pause and take notice! It was like standing in front of the firing squad and saying “Okay! Take your best shot!”

The little bull flattened Jake, who managed to catch one hind leg on the way by. He held on through the brush and gravel till the bull reached the end of the rope!

It then became a wrestling match wherein points were exchanged for takedowns, reversals, and riding time. Somehow Jake found himself with a scissor-lock around the calf’s head, a hind foot up his shirtsleeve from the inside, and both hands around the tail!

He weighted the odds, looked up at the darkening sky, slipped the loop off the foot and rolled over. “A management decision,” he later explained, “we were both working overtime.”

Baxter Black is a cowboy, poet, humorist, and former large animal veterinarian based in Benson, Arizona –

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