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Install Your FASS Correctly

Back in October, Chuck Toney wrote a short article about the benefits of installing a FASS kit on his Versatile 835 tractor. The fuel air separation system (FASS) is a combination of fuel pump and filters that removes air from the fuel. “When the air is removed, fuel atomizes better and the timing is more accurate. This increases power and fuel economy,” Chuck wrote.

Chuck, who farms near Gull Lake, Sask., has a degree in mechanized agriculture from U of S. He installed the FASS kit himself and says most farmers should be able to do the same if they follow the instructions. This is a key point, and it’s the reason Chuck emailed again this spring. Turns out some farmers read his article and had a FASS kit installed on their tractors. Some of them didn’t get it installed properly, so they phoned Chuck.

In his email to me, Chuck wrote: “Last week I received a call from a fellow who had his mechanic install one on his neighbour’s tractor and on his. He did not install it properly. They missed installing a Hobbs Switch Part # 78143 on an oil pressure line, which only allows the FASS to run after the motor is running. I don’t know why they did not have proper instructions or what went wrong. The proper FASS fuel system is a “UIME 150/150.” The Hobbs switch is included in this kit.”

“In my efforts to solve the problem I found out that Taber Diesel has several PT pumps at their shop that a FASS has caused to leak because of improper installation.” Chuck says if your PT pump is leaking, just pull the fuse on the FASS for now and then get it installed properly when you have the time.

Chuck recommends you buy from an approved FASS dealer. They should know what they’re doing. To find one and to find out more about how the system works, go to Diesel Performance Products’ FASS website at www.fassride.comor call them at 636-433-5410. Ask for Dan, Chuck says.



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