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Install Properly

Even a perfectly installed RFID tag can be lost if it gets snagged on something — bale twine, wire, brush, or a corner of a bale feeder. But, at least start with it attached in the right place.

The Canadian Cattle Identification Agency has a brochure on its website: called RFID Tag Brochure, which gives a straight forward overview of how and how not to apply the button style RFID tags.

As the diagram at right shows, the tags should be installed close to the ear (about one quarter of the distance between the head and the tip end of the ear.) There are two ribs of cartilage that run horizontally through the ear — the tag should be between those.

Use the proper applicator for the proper ear tag, don’t mix and match models or brand name products. Place the numbered side of the button facing forward, and not on the back side of the ear.

If you think you have a problem with RFID ear tag retention, fill out the complaint form also found on the above CCIA website.



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