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Input Into Farm Plate Program Needed

SGI is seeking public input on Saskatchewan’s farm-class licence plate program. “The needs of farmers and farming business have changed dramatically since some of these policies were last reviewed as much as 30 years ago,” said Tim McMillan, minister responsible for SGI, in a recent press release. “To ensure the farm plate program continues to be relevant, we have asked SGI to review current rules and policy.”

SGI has compiled the most commonly requested changes to the farm plate program, based on feedback and suggestions provided from customers through the regular course of business. These can be found on SGI’s website at www.sgi.

In addition to asking for feedback on those potential changes, SGI welcomes any other suggestions on ways to improve the farm plate program.

Interested parties can provide feedback through an online survey at, or can call toll free to 1-888- 751-1816.



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