Independent Retailers Team Up

Seven independent crop supply dealers from Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba have come together to form Grow Community of Independents, but farmers aren’t likely to see any signage changes at their local retailer.

Grow Community of Independents was formed out of a need for the independent retailers to be strengthened as the most important support structure for high-yielding crop production with a deep dedication to individual farm businesses and rural communities, according to the group. Each company will maintain their own identity but will conduct business under the umbrella Grow Community brand.

“Our customers tell us quite regularly that they wouldn’t stay farming if it wasn’t for independents; they’re just not interested in dealing with some huge corporate entity that doesn’t even understand them let alone know who they are,” says Kevin Blair, CEO of Blair’s Fertilizer and Grow founding partner.

By coming together, Grow Community of Independents is creating a standard of service and is committed to increasing overall crop production field by field, grower by grower across Western Canada, they say. More agronomic training will be provided for staff as part of this banding together, and the group plans to launch region-specific field trials using the latest in crop production technology.

The founding partners of Grow Community of Independents include: from Alberta, Andrukow Group Solutions Inc., Sturgeon Valley Fertilizers; from Saskatchewan, Blair’s Fertilizer Ltd., G-Mac’s Ag Team, North Star Fertilizer, and Wendland Ag Services; and from Manitoba, Double Diamond Farm Supply and Shur-Gro Farm Services/Munro Farm Supplies.

On the heels of the original announcement, four other partners came on board. They are: Cavalier Agrow and Weyburn Inland Terminal in Saskatchewan, G J Chemical Co. In Manitoba, and Parkland Fertilizers in Alberta. This brings the number of Grow Community of Independents to 72 locations across Western Canada.



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