Honda enters MUV market

Honda is a latecomer to the utility vehicle market, but as a tribute to the company’s long history with ATVs, Honda calls its ute the “new Big Red.” Big Red has a 675 cc four-stroke gasoline engine with electronic fuel injection and electric start. The automatic transmission has three forward gears and reverse. Selectable drive modes include 2WD with open rear differential for sensitive terrain such as lawns, 4WD with rear differential lock and 4WD with all differential lock. Underside features include 10.3 inches of ground clearance and independent double-wishbone suspension front and back.

Like other utility vehicles, Big Red seats two people side by side, which means you can take dad out to the combine, or two of you can go fix fence together. And as a utility vehicle, Big Red has a box with some decent carrying capacity. The box is 33 inches long, 52.6 inches wide and carries up to 500 pounds.

With the drawbar and ball hitch, you can test Big Red’s 1,200-pound towing capacity. Other accessories include winch kit, auxiliary battery box, two-piece folding windscreen, hard roof with rear window, various fabric canopies, tool boxes, box liner, horn and backup alarm. For more, see your Honda dealer or visit the website at



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