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Herbicide dispenser unveiled

Dupont has been talking about its PrecisionPac system for a year or so, but 2009 will be the commercial launch. The custom herbicide blending system provides you with exactly the amount of product you need, regardless how big or how small the acreage.

Rather than sell a prepared jug or box of chemical that treats 20 or 40 or 60 acres per container, for example, PrecisionPac dispenses the exact combination of products you need to match the field size and weed pressure.

The concept was tested in a pilot project by about 30 Dupont retailers in 2008, and will be available through about 100 agriservice centres across Western Canada for 2009, says Travis Schoonbaert, Dupont product manager for cereal crop protection products.

“The idea is that a producer or a crop advisor can scout a wheat or barley field, determine the key weeds that need to be controlled, and provide that information to an agri-service centre equipped with the PrecisionPac system,” says Schoonbaert. “The retailer can determine which herbicides are effective for controlling those weeds, punch that information into the computerized product dispenser and the exact amount of the appropriate products is measured into one container and labeled for easy identification.”

PrecisionPac can dispense six different products. Initially it will carry Dupont Solumax (granular) herbicides such as Express SG and Refine SG, although the company is working with manufacturers of other dry flowable herbicides to add their products to herbicide selection.

“You don’t have to worry about being short of product for a few acres, or buying extra and then have some left over. You buy what you need,” Schoonbaert says.

He says the system is a very safe, efficient and accurate way to handle herbicides, and it also makes it much more convenient for both retailers and farmers in having reduced amounts of product packaging to handle and to dispose. — Lee Hart



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