“Healthier Profit” Guarantee From Nexera

Growers who plant an NX4 Roundup Ready Nexera variety in a head-to-head comparison with a competitive Roundup Ready variety can qualify for the Nexera Canola Healthier Profit Guarantee. By growing one of four new NX4 Roundup Ready canola varieties, your profits are guaranteed to be higher than with regular Roundup Ready canola, Dow AgroSciences says.

“This is our promise to growers that they will get more dollars per acre from our new NX4 Roundup Ready varieties,” says Mark Woloshyn, Nexera canola marketing specialist.

To be eligible for the Healthier Profit guarantee, you need to choose the 2009 NX4 RR variety that fits your specific growing season and plant it side-by-side with another non-Nexera RR variety. The maximum acres allowed for the trial — and for the guarantee — is 80 acres of Nexera. You must plant the same number of acres of the other RR variety. A Dow rep must first approve the field you choose. For more on the guarantee and the rules, visit the website www.healthier-farming.ca.To sign up, call your local Dow AgroSciences sales rep or call the Dow AgroSciences Solutions Centre at 1-800-667-3852.


Paterson Grain, Parrish & Heimbecker, Weyburn Inland Terminal, North West Terminal, Prairie West Terminal and Great Sandhills Terminal have a new joint venture called Alliance Seed Corporation. Dale Alderson, seed manager for Paterson Grain, will oversee the seed corporation. “Individually we were just too small to attract interest from genetic suppliers,” he says. Breeders want to get their seed out to as many growers as possible, so they’re mindful who the release seed to. Size and reach matter.

Alliance Seed Corporate will have at least two varieties for 2009. Paterson brings its durum variety, CDC Verona, into the mix. And Alderson expected to hear word in late March that they had secured the rights to a hard red spring wheat.


1. Syngenta has two important corrections to the Saskatchewan and Manitoba Guide to Crop Protection. The first is for Axial herbicide on page 90: The broad-leaf products NOT on the Axial label are 2,4-D, Estaprop, Express Pack and Thumper. These products cannot be mixed with Axial due to the potential for crop injury. The second is for Quilt fungicide on page 282: The correct registered rate for this product when applied to wheat and barley is 304-405 ml/ac.

2. Triton K from DuPont is now registered for durum wheat. It controls group 2-resistant kochia, narrow-leaved hawk’s beard, cow cockle, wild buckwheat, flixweed and Russian thistle, to name a few. Triton K has three active ingredients from two different groups (Groups 2 and 4).


Monsanto Canada will again offer 60 to 70 scholarships to grade 12 graduating students who plan to pursue post-secondary education in agriculture or forestry in the fall of 2009. Students must be from a farm and must be entering their first year at a recognized Canadian educational institution. Each scholarship is valued at $1,500. Winners will also demonstrate academic excellence, leadership capabilities, and a keen interest and involvement in their rural community. To apply, students submit a completed application form and an essay that outlines what area of agriculture or forestry they would like to work in and why. All completed application forms must be postmarked no later than May 15, 2009. Application forms are available from Monsanto’s CustomCare line at 1-800-667-4944 or online at www.monsanto.ca.All applications will be reviewed by an independent panel of judges and winning entries will be announced in September 2009.



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