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Grainews Retains Mailing Support

Our publishers are pleased with the level of support they will receive for mailing newspapers and magazines under a revamped federal government funding program.

The Canadian Periodical Fund (CPF) is the latest version of a program that provides Canadian publishers with assistance to offset their mailing costs. Under the previous program, assistance to large-circulation magazines was not capped. Under the new CPF, there will be a $1.5-million cap, meaning a major reduction for magazines such as Macleans, Canadian Living and Chatelaine.

However the $1.5-million cap does not apply to farm publications. Government media relations adviser Len Westerberg, in an interview with Masthead magazine, said, “Farm publications serve largely rural communities and provide information crucial for both the operations of farms, and for farming communities and families. They are the key source of information for these communities.”

The provision exempting the cap affects only Canada’s largest-circulation farm publication, the Western Producer, which last year received $1.78 million under the previous program. Western Producer publisher Ken Zacharias, who is also president of the Canadian Farm Press Association, which represents farm publishers, said the association is grateful for the recognition of its unique needs.

“The big publications deliver mainly to large cities and do have alternative means for delivery,” Zacharias said. “We have only one option for rural readers, which is Canada Post.”

Under the previous program, Farm Business Communications received $105,259 in assistance for mailing Grainews in 2009.



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