Glyphosate Delivered Like Fuel – for Jul. 23, 2010

Rack Petroleum of Biggar, Sask., and DuPont Canada team up to offer the Racketeer bulk storage system for Polaris-brand glyphosate. You sign a contract to buy 8,000 litres of Polaris, and Rack will lease you a Racketeer bulk storage tank for $10 a year.

As part of the deal, you provide a power source for the tank’s pump, a gravel bed, and two collision protection poles. You also need to insure the tank for its true value, which is around $12,000 for the 9,000-litre version.

Tank production is limited for this spring. Half of tanks available for spring delivery were already sold out as of mid- February, says Dennis Bulani, president of Rack Petroleum. “Interest is much higher than we anticipated,” he says.

Polaris is yet another brand name for the basic 360-grams-per- litre glyphosate, but it’s formulated in North America and has the backing of DuPont. “We recognize it’s a crowded market,” says Jon Gough, product manager for DuPont’s cereal portfolio. But DuPont’s preseed weed control products Express SG and Express PRO are often tank mixed with glyphosate. “With Polaris and Express, we can partner these two products together in the marketplace,” Gough says.

DuPont will offer 450-litre totes of Polaris through any herbicide retailer, but only Rack Petroleum will offer Polaris in big-volume bulk.

Rack will deliver glyphosate to the farm just like they do bulk fuels. In fact, the company newsletter compared this new glyphosate storage and delivery model to the evolution of on-farm bulk fuel storage. The company will bring in bulk glyphosate by rail, then move it directly to farm customers with a delivery unit that will handle only glyphosate.

Rack sells 1,000-litre pods of glyphosate for $3.80 per litre. The delivered bulk price will be in that ballpark. The convenience is that you don’t have jugs or totes or pods to pick up, handle and return.

Rack will not take back unused Polaris, but glyphosate can be stored over the winter. “Under certain circumstances, it will separate. The tanks will have a recirculating valve, so we recommended recirculating any glyphosate you store over the winter,” Bulani says.

For more information, contact Rack Petroleum at 1-866-721- 1800 or visit


Rack Petroleum has two sizes of Racketeer, made to store bulk glyphosate the same way you store bulk fuel. This is a 19,700-litre tank. Most growers want the smaller 9,000-litre version. The minimum contract is for 8,000 litres, and with a contract you can lease a Racketeer tank for $10 a year.

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