Give us your best shot – for May. 3, 2010

Sure, it looks like plain old canola, but wait until you find out when this was taken — April 12, 2010. Yes, that’s a spring canola variety that was seeded in early September of last year. Of course, this was taken at Victoria, B. C., but it’s still neat. The photo was sent in by Mike Doehnel, who runs a tiny malt plant on Vancouver Island supplying local micro-breweries. Mike grows several crops on a small-scale basis and was very interested to see if spring varieties of canola would overwinter and if there would be enough pollinators around so early in the year. He says the winter was about average and he plans to straight cut this crop by end of July — with hedge trimmers, of course. Thanks, Mike, for sending in this photo and some details about your operation on the Island. There’s a $25 cheque in the mail for you for your trouble.

— Lyndsey



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