Give Us Your Best Shot – for Mar. 9, 2009

George Walder of Castor Colony in Alberta sent this photo of his granddaughter Lisa with a “pet” deer. A few men from the colony found a newborn deer in the ditch and brought it home with them. The doe was probably hit by a vehicle. Lisa’s mother kept the fawn in the house for the first few months. The deer was like a pet, but after about a year, it started to get wild. It ripped clothes off the line and made a mess of the garden. So the boys took the fawn to a wooded area away from the colony and let it go. Lisa’s aunt, Mary Waldner, says, “We had become very attached to the deer, so it sad to send it away.”

Thanks for the photo and the story to go with it. Your $25 is on its way.

— Jay



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