Give us your best shot – for Jun. 7, 2010

M0m Teresa Pochapsky snapped this adorable picture of her son Darcy, age two, after he decided to head out on his own to get a wrench and start working on one of Daddy’s tractors. I’m sure his dad appreciates the extra help out in the shop. Thanks to Billy and Teresa Pochapsky of Olds, Alta., for sending along the photo. There’s $25 heading your way in the mail for your trouble.

We welcome your photos. But before you send one, make sure the focus is crisp and, if it’s a photo of people, we want to see the whites of their eyes. In a four-by six-inch print, faces should be at least the size of a quarter. Emailed digital photos with medium to high resolution work best. Scans of prints are rarely good enough to reprint. If we use your photo, we’ll send you $25.

— Lyndsey



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