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Give Us Your Best Shot – for Jan. 25, 2010

Christine Gradin of Hendon, Sask., sent in this photo of herself and her son, Jesse. Christine writes, “It was just about bedtime, but on the farm there is always action. Jesse’s dad (Jamie) and grandpa (Neil) were moving some bins and we went out to take pictures and watch. Jesse loves to watch the big equipment, and as a mom, if you don’t take pictures of yourself you will never have any so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to snap one of me and Jesse. And when I saw it I loved the background of the great sky and bins behind us.”

We welcome your photos. But before you send one, make sure the focus is crisp and, if it’s a photo of people, we want to see the whites of their eyes. In a four by six inch print, faces should be at least the size of a quarter. Emailed digital photos with medium to high resolution work best. Scans of prints are rarely good enough to reprint. If we use your photo, we’ll send you $25.

— Jay



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