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Give Us Your Best Shot – for Feb. 8, 2010

Sophie Machala sent in this photo of Clint and Jolene Salmond’s kids, Makaela and Kain. They plant a row of vegetables each year in their Grandma Sharon Salmond’s garden in Weekes, Sask. Sophie writes: “In this picture, Makaela harvested all of her radishes. Kain had helped by pulling a couple of weeds to earn him a place in the photo.”

We welcome your photos. But before you send one, make sure the focus is crisp and, if it’s a photo of people, we want to see the whites of their eyes. In a four by six-inch print, faces should be at least the size of a quarter. Emailed digital photos with medium to high resolution work best. Scans of prints are rarely good enough to reprint. If we use your photo, we’ll send you $25.

— Jay



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