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Give Us Your Best Shot – for Feb. 22, 2010

Michelle Entz of Abbey, Sask., sent this photo of her dog, Budweiser, comforting a two-day-old fawn that lost her mother. I called in February for an update. Michelle was away so I talked to her sister, Lorene. The dog and deer remained best friends all summer, but then the fawn returned to the wild in the fall. “The last we saw her was in the first week of November,” Lorene says. “We think she found a boyfriend.”

While the deer was around, Budweiser played tag with her, chasing her around the yard, and protected her whenever a stranger came near. Budweiser’s ears still perk up whenever someone mentions “deer,” Lorene says. Thanks for sharing this photo with us, Michelle. Your $25 is on its way.




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