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Get On The Marketing Caravan

The Canadian Farm Business Management Council (CFBMC)’s Marketing Caravan one-day workshop will provide resources to help rural entrepreneurs identify a target market and reach customers, as well as an opportunity for participants to network and share the successes and challenges of agribusiness.

Jolene Brown, a well-known expert on family farm business (,leads the morning workshop titled “When Pigs Fly.” Grainews asked her to provide a summary.


How would you answer the question, “What business are you in?” Customers are everywhere! Consumers, media, politicians, bankers, neighbours, family members and more! Being able to define your business in terms of their needs and desires is paramount to developing a motivated and appreciated customer relationship. At CFBMC’s Marketing Caravan, we’ll learn the value of what we do is in the eyes of the purchaser, not the producer; the consumer, not the creator.

Traditionally in agriculture, we have looked at marketing as being about “me,” the farmer and the product produced. It has been about cutting costs, a return on investment, making money. Today’s marketing is all about “them.” It’s about creating and maintaining an environment that addresses their “hot buttons,” brings the customer a pleasant and worthwhile experience, and assures alignment with their values, including a sense of needed security, especially in turbulent times.

With lots of interaction and insight, those attending this eye-opening session will be tested not just to think outside of the box, but to get outside of the box. They’ll be amazed at their ability to take “marketing” to a whole new level!


March 1, Swift Current, Sask. Host: Bert

March 3, Weyburn, Sask. Host: Bert

March 5, Morris, Man. Host: Manitoba Government

March 10, Camrose, Alta. Host: Bridges to Success Inc.

March 13, Penticton, B. C. Host: B. C. Farmers’ Markets Association

For more information, including the complete agenda, go to www.farmcentre.comand enter “Marketing Caravan” in the search box at the top right or call CFBMC toll free at 1-888-232-3262.



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