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Fun and economical gift ideas

Many family budgets become strained during the holidays. With a long list of family and friends, finding enough money to go around may be challenging. To help reduce the stress of the holiday season, consider these fun and economical homemade gift ideas:

  •  Create gift baskets. For the family member who loves movies, make a “night-in” basket. Get a large plastic bowl for popcorn to use as the container. Add packaged popcorn and a coupon for a free movie rental. Gardening, sports or any other themed baskets also work.
  •  For parents with young children, provide a homemade coupon good for free babysitting. Other ideas include coupons for helping walk the dog, painting or cleaning.
  •  Create a recipe booklet with favourite holiday recipes. Copy the recipes onto festive recipe cards, punch a hole in the corner of the cards and tie them together with a red ribbon. Holiday photo albums also can be used to hold recipes.
  •  Fill a holiday mug with packets of flavoured tea, hot cocoa or coffee for those who enjoy warm beverages.
  •  Tie a packet of soup mix to a large wooden spoon. Include a bowl and package of biscuit mix for a complete gift.
  •  If you are computer savvy, create homemade calendars for family members. These could include highlighted birthday and anniversary dates. Try adding family photos for a personal touch.
  •  Repurpose old tins, filling them with cookies, muffins or other holiday goodies. A gift like this will be a delight to anybody who has little time for baking.
  •  Make homemade mixes in a jar. Mixes for soup, bread or cookies are popular gift items that are fairly inexpensive to make. The gift recipient will appreciate the attractive and thoughtful gift and also will value the convenience. †

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