Five Barley-Based Projects Receive Funding

The Brewing and Malting Barley Research Institute (BMBRI) has announced a total of $92,000 in funding for five projects this year.

BMBRI represents brewing and malting companies from Canada and across North America.

We recognize that barley acreage has fallen over the past several years, and our members want to contribute to research what will make the crop a better choice for Prairie grain growers, while at the same time improving malting and brewing quality, said BMBRI president and CEO Michael Brophy.

The projects are:

” Saturation of barley chromosomes with transposons to target malting quality traits, department of plant science, McGill University.

” Characterization and quantification of arabinoxylans in Canadian malting barley, Canadian Grain Commission (CGC), Winnipeg.

” Improvement of malting barley quality characteristics through production of more homogeneous seed that results in better endosperm modification, AAFC, Lacombe, Alberta

” Detection of partial resistance in barley to fusarium head blight using multiple assays, Alberta Agriculture, Lacombe, Alberta.

” Characterization of beta glucanase activity in Canadian two-row malting barley, University of Saskatchewan Crop Development Centre.



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