Fast sprayers stay close

Fast Distributing has a new telescoping hitch to suck the sprayer in close behind the tractor when in field position. That helps keep the sprayer wheels in line with the tractor wheels when you’re in hilly fields. Mark Aslesen, sales manager for Fast, says this feature is designed more for row-crop farms, but as a company news release says, “no one is happy about running over crop.” If you’re doing a mid-season application in cereals or canola, you want to limit crop damage.

The telescoping hitch is available on Fast sprayers with booms 80 feet and longer. You need the telescoping feature for transport mode when the booms are folded up beside the tank. Otherwise, with a short hitch the boom will smash into the tractor windows when you turn. Fast Model 9500 sprayers come with booms up to 132 feet long and tanks up to 1,850 gallons. Model 9600 sprayers have booms up to 100 feet and tanks up to 1,300 gallons.

Fast also improved its centre pivot boom system. “The suspension base has been widened, parallel lift links have been reinforced and quick-lock pivot pins have been added to improve boom ride and increase serviceability,” the company says.

Fast sprayers have Flow Back shutoff valves from TeeJet and no-drip nozzle outlets at various spacings, 100-gallon rinse system, Raven 450 controller, axles that adjust from 61 to 120 inches, and numerous tire and rim options. You can also get Norac and Raven automatic boom height controllers, automatic boom section controllers, foam markers, Hypro chemical eductors, and dual wheels.

For more information contact Fast Distributing in Mountain Lake, Minnesota at 1-800-772-9279 or visit the website at



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