Farm Leadership Council Revamping Delivery Of Services

In order to remain relevant and successful in today’s fast-paced, global business environment, rebranding means taking some risks, being innovative and finding new ways to better serve your clients or customers. The Farm Leadership Council (FLC) believes it has done this when it comes to delivering farmer education and professional development opportunities.

Since 2005, the FLC has been delivering educational programming to farmers across the three Prairie provinces. The majority of those events were face-to-face meetings, forums and conferences, however, keeping pace with industry changes, technological advancements and trends in agriculture can be a daunting task for producers. The council has since changed the delivery mechanism of its programming and will be launching its Advanced Producer Networks (APNs) this fall.

These networks will use on-line technology such as webinars, teleconference calls and video forums to help farmers access and share information. These networks will highlight different topic areas like commodity marketing, crop production, financial management and more.

These networks will provide a facilitated forum to allow farmers to exchange ideas, information and build upon their knowledge base. Farmers also drive the agenda and have the option of being involved in one or two of the APNs or in all six networks. There is a fee for accessing the service. Current FLC members are provided with a basic level subscription with access to two APNs for one year. But anyone can join. You just have to become an FLC member and pay the subscription fee. If you want additional APNs, you can simply add them as required.

MoreinformationontheFLC,theAdvanced ProducerNetworksandtheAPNfeestructure islocatedontheFLCwebsiteat



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